about_us_vanWhat a fun way to say – Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, or Congratulations for that New Baby, Graduation, Job Promotion, Retirement, Get Well Soon, Grand Opening, Big Sale and many others special events that you wish to commemorate!

We have over 20 hilarious and zany yard displays to show that you are thinking about them. Cards, cakes, and balloons are fun, but if you really want to do something different, let Flamingo a Friend assist you in putting together a surprise package for that next special event.

Since most people have busy schedules, what with work, family, and other activities, who has time to organize and deliver something like one of our professionally done displays? WE DO!

Once you place the order for that special event, we do all the rest!

We will drive to the persons home or office and setup the display of your choice. The display will remain for the agreed upon period of time, and then we come back out and pick it up again. See, somebody still makes “house-calls”! All you have to do, is thoroughly enjoy the faces and reactions of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and associates as they try to figure out, WHO DID THIS TO ME! There is never more fun to be had, than arranging a Flamingo-A-Friend Yard Greeting for someone you know. Call today to arrange one soon.